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Thoughts on energy as a commons, science and other stuffs by Cecile Blanchet

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Our small and cosy workshop (photo CC-BY Sophie Bloemen)

Cécile L. Blanchet

On top of being a scientist (reconstruction of past climates and environments), I work on the commons, energy democracy, social issues and other similar topics. 

On my other website, You will find an overview of all the scientifc projects I was/am involved in.

On my blog, I share some of the work I did/am doing for the Commons Network (where I am a fellow on energy communities) and some written parts on more general topics (social movements).

Active on twitter @clblanchet

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Re-blog, reuse, remix: All blog posts and most images are under Creative Commons Licence (CC-BY-SA 4.0), so all material that I produced can be reused without my consent but please, cite me as the author and share under similar conditions.

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