Energy, commons and the rest

Thoughts on energy as a commons, science and other stuffs by Cecile Blanchet

Science (Paleo-stuffs)

Between 2006 and 2013, I worked as a researcher in geosciences with a specialisation in sedimentology and reconstruction of climatic changes of the Quaternary. Here are one of the most important results of these years of research.

I can be found on Research Gate and Academia.

Here a links to separate pages for my different projects:

  • Nile River sediments
  • Lybian coast (Gulf of Sirte)
  • Bering Sea
  • Mud volcanoes
  • Morrocan margin
  • NW American margin
  • Papua New Guinea

Latest papers and presentations:

  • Article in QSR on modeling-data comparison of the Nile River data
  • Paper in Plos One on vegetation-erosion feedbak processes and human dynamics at the end of the African Humid Period
  • Presentation in Hamburg on these results: Klima Campus