I am currently working on a paper to compare the French and German laws on renewable energies and the production of electricity that were presented in 2014. During my hunt for information, I came across a very interesting presentation from the French-German office for Renewable Energy (based in Berlin) that give very nice figures. It is in French, but surely understandable for a wider non-French speaking audience.

I particularly like this graphic that shows the present sources of production of electricity in both countries (France clearly has some work to do):

Presentation from the French-German office for renewables (source)

Then tomorrow, we go to Feldheim, which is a village 100 % sustainable for electricity and warmth production. Can’t wait to visit it! There is an article in the Speigel about it, but it is from 2012 and they now have a renewable energy center to inform visitors. I’ll dutifully report on that!