A (good) month has passed without me posting anything… But the new year is here and it is time to give some updates on my energy side of life! But before we start, my best wishes for a year full of energy, with wind in the back! Well, you know my wish for 2015: finding a job! (not too original I agree, but desperately true!)
In december, we had a course on the Environment laws in Germany, and I was appointed with the task: “Noise emission by wind turbines: relevance for getting authorisation to build and in terms of environmental regulations“…

I prepared a presentation, which I include hereafter. I was interested to evaluating the actual noise produced by these machines, which is often seen as a major problem and how do the regulations look about that. There is actually one specific technical regulation, which gives noise levels acceptable for different types of land uses (residencies, cities, factories…) called the TA-Laerm. One must mention that in most regions, wind turbines cannot be constructed within 1 kilometre from houses. I was also interested in comparing the noise emitted by various types of wind turbines. Then I dug a bit into the problems of infrasound and how loud wind parks actually are.
On the job side, I applied at the beginning of December to a position as “wind expert” at Proton, but still did not get invited for an interview. For once, I think that it is a position for which I would be very suitable, as I already worked with wind data as a scientist and have quite some experience and knowledge about research and analysis of climatic datasets. Keep the fingers crossed (or “press the thumbs” if you are German)!

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