I know the title reads weird… That was also my first reaction to last week’s task: prepare a presentation on the “obligation to add instruments to control wind parks remotely” (this is in the new energy law in Germany). What came to my mind first the picture above. Let’s see what’s more to it.

And then I started digging into the law (EEG 2014), analysing texts that I could find on the web and I landed on a totally new planet: smart grid. I started to understand why one would want to make renewable power plant more flexible, which means at times switching them off or reducing their electricity production. What really helped me to understand were two short animation movies made by the company Stadtkraft and the project Kombikraftwerk (Combined power plants, see below).

What came out of my text analysis (thanks to the online tool Wordle (http://wordle.net)


Why smart grids? Basically the challenge is to balance demand and production in order to keep the network frequency (50Hz) stable and the prices positive (on the electricity stock market). It becomes more difficult to do with renewables since their production is difficult to predict. Therefore, you need to use sensors to control their production.
So feel free do look at my presentation (in my creative German, but I guess understandable with the pictures) and the two short movies (one in English, the other in German), to get a glimpse of the future, and keep you motivated! 100% renewable is possible!

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