An unusual post this week, with a little bit of advertising for a very innovative company who is making electricity using kites! Find as usual the update on my training and news from the “find-a-job” front.

Training. We started a new month, which means a new set of topical courses. We continue with project management, and have now courses on electro-technic (you know: tension, intensity and power of a current… back to the future!), maintenance/insurances and especially the tax policy for wind energy (EEG). This last topic is particularly interesting and I will come back to it in a future post, actually, as soon as I find enough time to dig into it and compare it to the French system.

Jobs. I applied in the last weeks to five positions. Four project manager/planner and one junior consultant. I got two replies so far, one saying that they look for someone with experience, and the other one saying that they had more than 300 applications (!). These answers are always very disappointing and makes me feel hopeless: first of all I have experience, perhaps not in the development of wind parks, but I have experience. And second, how will I get this experience if nobody leaves me the chance? And for the number of applicants, that highlights the extreme competition in the field… The war is not won…

Back to business! I wanted to introduce to you Enerkite, a small German company working on the development of a special kite to produce electricity. They are presently running a crowd-funding campaign to prepare their first commercial kite, so if interested in investing into a dynamic and innovative technology, follow the link!
A little movie to understand the principle (in German):

And also because Enerkite is sexy!