Last friday, I visited a (huge) trade fair for wind energy in Hamburg. That was the occasion to set a first foot on this new planet and I came back both enthusiastic and a bit overwhelmed….

This big fair trade gathers people from all over the world, from constructors to project developers, insurance companies and banks, offshore, onshore, all what you are looking for is there (there were more than 1200 exhibitors). We left early in the morning from Berlin and arrived in Hamburg around 11 o’clock. So I spend 6 good hours walking around, giving my best smile and my resume (as well as visit cards, for the first time of my life). At the end of the day, I was properly exhausted but happy to have seen this and met all those people.
For me, the positive part was to see how much opportunities there are. Friday was the recruiting day and we heard lots about the amount of available positions in this field. Plus the positions available are very diverse, from financing to wind measurements, so let’s hope there is one position for me out there! Actually I was lucky that I knew a few people presenting there so I was personally introduced to companies by my friends and I got a lot of insiders tips. That made my journey more enjoyable!
On the more difficult part, one has to imagine how big this fair was… Six halls like this one (this view shows only a part of the hall):


To go from one side of the fair to the other, it took something like 10-15 minutes. And lots of job-seeking people either! Sometimes there were 30-40 people waiting to give their CV to some companies… And then, I am still doubting about the best way to introduce myself: as a marine geologist or as a multi-lingual person looking to work in international projects? Difficult to say which one is my best card, and I hope that I’ll figure that out by acquiring a better understanding of the field… I indeed realised that I still have A LOT to learn!
So back to training!
Here are more picts from the fair: