I started my training on the 1rst of September. The courses take place every day from 08.00 to 14-16.00 and are in German. So for me double effect: technical + German lesson! I must admit that I am pretty drained when I come back home…
So far, we had courses on the use of the Microsoft Project and SAP softwares to manage projects and deal with financing and human resources. We had also an introduction to mechanics (cinematic and static), which took me back in time! I skipped the English lessons, as I already have my CAE certificate at C2 level. What I liked most was the course on the fundamentals of wind turbines and wind parks. During the first lesson, we prepared a presentation with another student on a type of drive train (shaft + gear box + generator) in the nacelle. I enjoyed the process of building up knowledge by looking by ourselves for information.
We also had a look into financing of wind parks and legislation. I’ll have a deeper look by myself at the EEG tax, which is the building brick of the energy transition in Germany and has been modified in the summer. The 2014 amendment is very much discussed and I will put my nose into it in the coming weeks.
On the program next week : the international Wind Energy Messe in Hamburg! I will go with some classmates on friday 26th, and I’ll dutifully report!